What Do We Do?

Civil Laws

A civil dispute is filed in a court of law that deals with disagreements between individuals or private companies, rather than with criminal activity. In civil matters Police is not involved unless directed by the competent concern Authority/Court/Forum. Our firm has expertise in filing and handling the following civil disputes:

  • Suits for Defamation and Damages
  • Injunction suits relating to immovable property
  • Declaratory and conjunctive suits
  • Recovery suits including summary suits
  • Suit for Ejectment from property
  • Suit for possession of property
  • Partition Suits
  • Suits for Specific performance under Specific Reliefs Act
  • Testamentary Suits including wills and probate cases
  • Cheque bounce complaints (138 NI Act)


Arbitration and Conciliation

Our services related to commercial disputes include representing our clients in domestic as well as international Arbitrations at cost effective manner and also in executing the arbitration awards and also filing petition under section 34 challenging the Arbitral Awards


    If you find yourself entangled in an ejectment suit in Dwarka, our legal experts specialize in navigating the intricacies of property law. We offer strategic advice and representation to protect your rights and interests throughout the legal process. Trust us to handle your ejectment case with diligence and expertise.

    Dealing with a cheque bounce case can be challenging, but with our proficient lawyers in Dwarka, you can expect effective representation. We understand the legal nuances surrounding cheque bounce incidents and work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. Don’t let a cheque bounce jeopardize your financial standing—let us handle it for you.

    If you are seeking legal assistance for the recovery of money, loans, or debts, our dedicated team of lawyers is well-versed in debt recovery laws. We employ a strategic approach to negotiate settlements, pursue legal action if necessary, and ensure that you recover what is rightfully yours. Let us be your advocates in the pursuit of financial justice.

    Property disputes involving possession and dispossession can be complex. Our seasoned lawyers in Dwarka specialize in resolving such matters efficiently. Whether you are seeking possession of your property or defending against unjust dispossession, our legal team is equipped to handle the intricacies of property disputes, ensuring a fair resolution in your favor.