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Real Estate Dispute

Delayed Possession,  Refund, Builder Fraud, Construction
Issues, Builder Fraud, RERA Complaint in Dwarka Delhi- Are you a victim of any of these problems or facing any other builder buyer dispute?………

Our firm offers to you an assortment of services in the real estate arena especially in relation to residential, commercial, and industrial properties and handles numerous Real Estate disputes like Delayed Possession,  Refund, Builder Fraud filed before the HARERA (Haryana Real Estate Authority) as well as UPRERA (Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Authority) amongst other RERA Authorities.

The Legal Professionals at the firm have specialist skills and experience to deliver a seamless value proposition across most stages of the asset lifecycle of the matters especially pertaining to Delayed Possession,  Refund, Builder Fraud and all the other builder-buyer Disputes.

Our firm is presently handling RERA complaints for builders as well as allottees. We have represented our clients in UP RERA, HARERA by filing Complaints against builders / projects for refund of deposited money, filing complaint for delayed possession charges, filing criminal complaints against builder fraud. Seeking refund of amount along with interest in cases of delayed possession.

The firm has represented its clients against builders such as DLF, Vatika, Gaur City, Proview Builders, Gayatri Builders, Idea Builders and many more.

In addition to serving our clints problems related to Delayed Possession,  Refund, Builder Fraud and all the other builder-buyer Disputes, we also cater our clients’ needs including but not limited to conducting due diligence, advisory on land acquisitions, joint development arrangements, formulation of corporate structure to have and hold immovable properties in India, negotiating to lease and financing terms with respect to various categories of immovable properties including in the case of cooperative housing societies, affordable housing projects, IT logistic parks, residential townships etc. across the states in India


    Have You Booked “Apna Ghar” With Your Hard-Earned Saving? BUT….

    Builder is Refusing to Executing Builder Buyer Agreement (BBA)

    Builder demanding more than 10% of total sale price

    Possession not delivered as per advertisement/agreement

    Builder demanding money in contradiction of payment plan

    You are looking to claim refund along with interest for your payments

    Delay in handing over Possession of your booked property

    Builder cancelled unit and forefeited payments illegally

    Remedies Available: If Your Answer To Any Of The Above Is “YES”- We Have A Host Of Remedies For You!

    Approach RERA:

    Real Estate Regulatory Authority is a specialized statutory body hearing disputes between allottees and builders: We offer our specialized professional legal services for matters relating to {For Delayed Possession, Refund, Builder Fraud or any other Builder- Buyer Dispute} in HARERA [Haryana RERA] i.e., Projects falling in lands situated in Haryana UPRERA [Uttar Pradesh RERA] and Delhi RERA. In HARERA Complaint can be filed either in FORM CRA-1 & CRA-2 (Breach by builder like delayed possession, refund) or Form CAO (for Compensation) In UPRERA complaints are filed in Form M and N.

    Approach Consumer Forum

    Consumer forums are generally approached when there is a deficiency of service on part of the builder like {For Delayed Possession, Refund, Builder Fraud or any other Builder- Buyer Dispute} or any unfair trade practice opted by the builder. You can instead of RERA also approach Consumer Forums seeking refund and compensation. The Forum applicable (District, State and National) will depend on facts and circumstances of each case.

    Confused about filing a RERA complaint? Our expert guidance ensures a smooth process. Learn the steps to protect your rights as a property owner in Dwarka.

    Facing construction problems? LexWay Chambers provides solutions for disputes related to construction, ensuring the integrity of your property investment in Dwarka

    Worried about builder fraud? Our legal team specializes in combating fraudulent practices, safeguarding your interests and holding builders accountable in Dwarka.

    Seek professional legal advice with our dedicated property lawyers in Dwarka. Whether it’s transactions, disputes, or general guidance, we’ve got your real estate needs covered.